- the in-battle tool for 40k aims to be the fastest and easiest in-battle-app for 40k. Upload a roster, and give it a try.
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I got tired of searching books, paper and hard-to-navigate apps in the heat of the battle, and decided to do something about it. aims to be the fastest and easiest in-battle-app for 40k. The main focus is:
  • All the units accessible on the screen. No swiping!
  • All the stats I need only one click away at any time.
How many lists can I make?
As many as you like! But please limit the uploads to 5 lists pr 24 hours to prevent overloading the system.
Will my armylists stay here forever?
I hope so! But as everything is free, I cannot guarantee it, yet.
Who can see my full armylist?
Due to copyright issues, only you can now see the full list (with all stats and details). Note that you are responsible for the data you upload. You can choose to share your full lists with other named users. Note that it is your responsibility that no copyright is infringed when you share your lists.
Can I share a summary of my armylist?
YES! You can now share an overview of your list with everyone, to enable you to get feedback, without any copyright conserns. In fact by default all lists are accessible for everyone if they have the link. To do so, klick the [pulblic version]-link in your "My lists"-page, to get the link.